Technical Director

Andreas Rathgeb (born 1953 in Zurich), started his career as sound- and multimedia engineer in 1981. He founded his own company and was chief technician and FOH-engineer for many festivals and cultural institutions in Switzerland and France, including Taktlosfestival, MIMI-Festival, Kunsthaus Zurich. He also worked with artists such as Laurie Anderson, Robert Wilson, Donald Judd, Bill T. Jones, Dana Reitz, Molly Davies, Terry Riley…etc for their multimedia installations and performances.

Since 1991, Rathgeb is in charge of le château de Faverolles, a state of arts recording studio converted from an old French mill. It offers accommodation for artists and studio space for composing, recording, rehearsing, video- shooting and editing. Among the working artists are Fred Frith, Zeena Parkins, Sven Regener, Sophie Hunger, Hélène Labarrière, Femi Kuti, Nicolas Clauss… etc.

Since 2011 Rathgeb collaborates with La Maison Laurantine (Pierre Bongiovanni) on various sound and video art installations, also creates short-films and artist-portrait.

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