Good-to-be-Home Luggage Mixed Media Installation, Single-Channel Video Installation, 02’31", 2013

Good-to-be-Home Luggage
Yen-Chu Lin

Rambling seems to be the state of Lin’s existence. Spaceships and aliens repeatedly appear in his work as symbols of nostalgia, raising the question of whether, perhaps, having lived under alien occupation for so long, the colonized might seek to dwell in outer space. If Lin’s practice is driven by the quest for a place to call home, ‘Good-to-be-Home Luggage’ seems a particularly compelling solution. Assembled from architectural scraps, these carry-on-size sculptures provide neat interior spaces and make a homely interior of the exterior space around them.

In today’s globalized world, it seems wise to be light and mobile, to have one’s home, one’s memories and manias easily packed and ready to go. ‘Good-to-be-Home Luggage’ is a subtle installation, like the deserted platform between two passing trains, where Yen-Chu Lin has reconstructed an intimate domestic universe by working up from sensations, colours and objects associated with his home country, some reduced to images projected on the wall.

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