Floating Single-channel video installation, 04’30", 2000

Goang-Ming Yuan

Goang-Ming Yuan specializes in combining new media and metaphoric manoeuvres to investigate human consciousness. ‘Floating’ takes the perspective of an observer adrift in a boat moving listlessly towards an empty horizon. Imposing expanses of water and sky offer nothing to hold onto, and the little wooden boat is perhaps even already derelict. The boat is a powerful symbol in Taiwan’s history of refugees and colonizers arriving in vessels of all kinds – a kind of journey echoed across the world today as people attempting to cross the global wealth divide resort to centuries-old means. The view shifts from the exposed above-water world to the submerged, and rights itself again, increasingly succumbing to the calm beneath the waves. And so it becomes clear that this is lonely journey is as much about the existential struggle to find meaning in life without being softly overwhelmed, as the international boundaries that divide those lost at sea from the welcoming shore.

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