Ars Electronica Linz 2013 / Schizophrenia Taiwan 2.0 Presentations and Network

Acknowledgement of International Partner - Schizophrenia Taiwan 2.0 at Ars Electronica Closing Press Conference.
Artwork - Home, Sweet Home was projected as the background.

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Schizophrenia Taiwan presentation in ’Scenes and Structures’, Ars Electronica Center

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Curator I-Wei Li gave guided tour to LaufArt members.
Laufart is an Austrian Association specializing in promoting Video Art, members are art critics, Art professors, video artists.

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Curator I-Wei Li discussed future collaborations with Ars Electronica Futurelab
Manager Christian Bruckmayr and engineer introduced the drone technology.

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Curator I-Wei Li discussed future collaborations with Jonathan Parsons, Artistic Director of Expermenta Biennale and Robotronica Festival.

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Tabakfabrik Linz Manager, Chris Sennlaub, gave guided tour and presented exhibition space for 2014 in Ars Electronica.

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