• Curatorial Statement

    Taiwan is a unique country beset with paradoxes, and located at the heart of the unfolding geo-strategic stakes of the entire Asia-Pacific region and, therefore, of the whole world.
    Named the "beautiful island” by Portuguese sailors, Taiwan is symbolic of the world’s history: to understand (...)

  • Curators

    I-Wei Li 李怡衛 (De/Tw/Ca)
    Pierre Bongiovanni (Fr)
    Ching-Wen Chang 張晴文 (TW)
    Chien-hung Huang 黃建宏(TW)

  • Technical Director

    Andreas Rathgeb (born 1953 in Zurich), started his career as sound- and multimedia engineer in 1981. He founded his own company and was chief technician and FOH-engineer for many festivals and cultural institutions in Switzerland and France, including Taktlosfestival, MIMI-Festival, Kunsthaus (...)

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